Welcome to Elrabei for Import & Export company

We started working in the field of herbs, spices and medicinal plants for many years heredity this field from Fathers and grandfathers and generation after generation

We gained on experience starting from planting, harvesting crops , drying, processing, packaging, etc.

We started working in the field of exporting our products to many countries in 2010

We are exported our products to European countries and Asian countries

We are not farmers or suppliers only, but our mission is to keep our customers fully satisfied, taking into account the international marketing standards, and work with customers care program efficiently, as well as the ability to have a big warehouse where the products can be cleaned and grinded as per customer requirements

We are fully aware of the importance of quality with respect to our services and products. Export herbs main objective is to export high quality herbs. We strive also of orders reached its destination as soon as possible, and maintain a competitive market prices

We have a qualified team which overseeing the production processes, processing and quality control

According to the specifications of our customers

We have good working relationships with our customers and this is what we are seeking is always

This is based on providing a high quality of our products, as well as measuring customer satisfaction

Always strive to earn the confidence of the client.

We are look forward to hearing from you and have along term business association for mutual benifit.

We are pleased to offer our services to all of our customers